Friday, April 23, 2010

Brown Pelicans

I needed some inspiration so I went to my usual spot at the beach.  It was nice.  No people.  Wind, sun, sand, surf, and dunes for as far as I could see.  Peaceful heaven.  I started randomly taking pictures and before I knew it, I was capturing the sea gulls in flight.  I am usually quite awful at capturing them but this day I was getting some good shots.  As I was looking through the view finder to see if I could locate any more gulls I noticed a dark shape moving my way in the sky and this shape was moving FAST along the dunes.  I kept my camera targeted at the mass and as it got closer I realized it was a flock of brown pelicans.  When I could see that they had become separate forms I started clicking.  It was really exciting to capture them as they flew right over me and beyond winging their way toward the tourist town miles down the strand.  As I said earlier, peaceful heaven.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bird Doll Challenge - Beginning

I find myself without a sewing machine right now so I had to go out and buy a pre-made doll body.  I got this one from A.C. Moore.  A bonus I didn't realize when I picked it up is that the body has wires in it so it can be posed.  That's pretty neat.  Now comes the challenge of realizing some kind of Bird Doll out of this form.  It's pretty round so that leads me to a form that will be more child-like I think.  It has to be done by April 30th so I better get started.  I'll post my progess as I go.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


My creativity has not been completely dormant while going through the throes of tax season.  I managed to squeak out the painting from the last post and some very incomplete sketches.  After the 15th I am going to move forward with the Bird Doll challenge presented at the Cloth & Clay Dolls group on Ning.  If you are interested I have a link on my side bar. :o)
Happy Tax Day to You! (Ok, maybe "happy" isn't exactly the right word...).