Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Feeling Brilliant

Yep.  Yep I am.  I am feeling a bit brilliant right now because I was actually right about the pretty pink flowers I saw on my walk Sunday.  Um hmmm.  It feels good to be smart. Ha ha ha!  (totally having some fun here).
I present to you a very pretty picture of a Pink Ladies Slipper I found on the web and it looks just like my flower (only with more green stuff happening).   ;-)
You know.., this is really just a diversion for me since I just couldn't bring myself to create that Bird Doll I was espousing about a couple of posts ago... drats!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

What flower is this?

I took a long walk (about 5 miles) through the woods and near the water.  It was absolutely stunning the way all the colors sparkled and the sky was so blue.  I was so mesmerized with looking up at the bright green leaves and the blue of the sky and then the sparkles dancing off the water that I nearly missed the beauty of this little flower.  They covered the floor of the woods.  The pink is so soft.  I thought it was a form of Ladies Slipper but I am not sure.  If you know please tell me and thanks!  Forgive the photo - I took it with the camera on my phone.