Sunday, October 26, 2008

Awww... It's good to be Creative again

I had a small burst of creative activity this weekend and it feels so good! I have decided to call these little items "Bead-Lings". Of course that's just the broader category. What you see in the picture is a Bug-Ling, a Fae-Ling (2 of those because I love the simplicity of just the antique look with no color) and a Pod-Ling. I have a sample picture of how one might use these little beads. I am happy with how they came out.
Now for pricing - ugh it's a tough subject. These look simple but boy do they take some time to make.
Each piece is hand formed and detailed. I carefully poke the hole and bake on batting so I don't upset the patterns on their bodies. For the dragon flies I poke little holes in the head for the antenna. After they cool I begin the paint job with the antique finish going on first. Now it's dry time and time for me to have some tea... :o).
Ok, all the little "Lings" are dry and now I get to add some color! I got a bit crazy with the color but it was very fun. Dry time again. After checking to ensure they were dry I began to pick out bead colors to go with each one. I used copper wire and strung 'em up. Each accent bead was made in the same way as each Bead-Ling.
Drum roll please... it's time for the photo shoot. I love and hate taking the photos. It seems like it takes me FOREVER to get a decent image. You know, the kind I see in my head but it doesn't happen that way on the camera? LOL
The above image is the best I could do for the finished group shot. The detail shots that I require to post them in my Etsy shop are still in the works. I am thinking I will have them up before the end of the week though. Not to mention I have about six more sets to paint. When I get on a roll I really get on a roll!
Oh, about that pricing. I was thinking $25 for one. It would include all the beads strung on the wire with the Bead-Ling. What do you think? Your thoughts are most welcome and thank you!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Jane, Get Me Off of This Crazy Thing!

Yep, that's about how my life is STILL going... Me and George Jetson have that much in common! LOL
I have a new Grandson (my first) who is absolutely adorable and has caused me to fall in love all over again! He is such a sweet baby and that is where a ton of my time has gone along with the 50 plus hours at work and a 16 year old who has "needs". I am certain the ZEN in my life is JUST around the corner.
Thankfully I found a bit of time this weekend to squeek out a couple ghosts who have been naked for at least two months (probably longer). I think they came out pretty cute. :o)