Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Transient Mind

I have been musing about me and where I find myself at this point in my life (and I find that I laugh at myself quite a bit). I can be rather silly and I enjoy laughter (a lot). Anyway, my musings brought me to the fact (again) that I am still living in Virginia after all these years. This is humorous to me because I have always viewed this as a temporary stop along my life’s journey. I never dreamed that I would still be living in the first house I ever purchased or that I would still be in this state. I always knew that one day I would either move back to CA or the Southwest, yet here I sit. I can only surmise that it’s because of my two girls that I never pushed to move, which is interesting to me because that was never a consideration when I was a child growing up. If my folks wanted to move then by golly they moved and we went right along with them. I certainly survived that and on reflection believe it was the best thing they could have ever done for us however, I digress. It was my thinking about this beautiful world that circled me back around to my ‘transient’ frame of mind and where I am. BUT then something unexpected happened. I suddenly realized that I live in a very beautiful place. Oh, I know that this tiny speck of a thought has been there in the back of my head all along somehow; that small, elusive voice peaking around the edges of my brain that suddenly today found enough voice to scream at me “HEY! Isn’t it GORGEOUS here?” I guess I really am Home. :o)
For your viewing enjoyment I selected a couple of photos I took recently of this beautiful place I live. Be sure to click on the image for Full Size Viewing.


Kaycee James said...

Where are the pictures? I wanted to see them. :-)

Kaycee James said...

Now I see them. You're right VA is beautiful. :-)