Thursday, January 29, 2009


Sometimes when I am still needing that kick for creativity and inspiration I like to look through some of my books that I have. I am often surprised when I pull one off the shelf that I somehow had forgotten about like this one:
Creating & Crafting Dolls: Patterns, Techniques, and Inspiration for Making Cloth Dolls
by Eloise Piper and Mary Dilligan
I love to look at all the things they do with the clothes and hair on their dolls. The pictures are great too. This is such a cute and inspiring book. Make sure you check out the little cloth fairies!


moxylyn said...

I use to make cloth dolls and loved doing different things with their hair. Nice to pull out an old book to sift through.

viv said...

That's great!
I usually get my inspiration from things I see during the day, but if I am feeling kinda non inspired... then I just go to any museum, it always works for me.