Monday, February 9, 2009

Blog Hog

OMgosh. I am becoming totally obsessed with really cool blogs! I have added so00 many to my list I have to wonder - can I keep up? Well, in reality, the answer is yes. It's quick and easy to view the blogs others have posted and perhaps leave a quick comment.
My only consternation is that I really do not know if there is something akin to "Blog Etiquette". When someone leaves a comment on my blog it's not like I can hit reply and respond back so they know I've seen their comment and it seems silly to me to comment back on my own blog in response to the comment received (going in circles here!). Is it important that I go and comment on their blog or is it a much more open ended system where you post what you feel when you feel it and leave it at that?


Chicken Lips said...

I totally agree with does seem illogical to respond to comments on our own blogs. I mean, who goes back and re-reads a post to see if the author responded? I like to pop in and visit the blogs of the nice people like yourself who took the time to visit mine!

The Whimsical Goblin said...

Actually I just click the Email Follow button if I want to hear any replies :) If I dont really care and just wanted to leave a comment then I wont follow.

(I will follow this one to see any of the comments (LOL)