Saturday, March 14, 2009

What about Syddhartha?

I have to change my ways. I do. If I want any part of this planet left for Sydd then I need to start making faster changes in the way I go through life consuming, filling up the land pile like the rest of my neighbors, and the world. Thankfully Sydd's mom is a loving and smart mother who has already made changes in how she lives upon this planet and she is educating me. It's not that I have not known this stuff it's just that I have never really acted strongly enough to change how I live. So it begins...
Sydd is just over 5 months now. Of course I think he is the cutest baby to ever hit the planet but that's because I am his Grandma AND he REALLY IS the cutest baby to ever hit the planet!~GRIN~


Georgina said...

As a grandma, I too worry about what kind of world we're leaving our children and grandchildren. If you think about it, our parents must have felt the same way since we were born during the Atomic Age.

The other day, my 23 year old son threw out a piece of cardboard from my car window...I stopped the car and made him go back and pick it up, then gave him a slight slap on the back of his head and told him he knew better than that, especially driving in "Mom's" car!


Kaycee James said...

He's a beautiful baby! But of course he would be...look at his grandma and his mom. :-)

Lisa Gatz said...

He is truly adorable!

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only grandma proudly showing pics of their little ones.

Lazy Bone said...

That is a badass name!

Anonymous said...

Awe, he's adorable!