Wednesday, July 22, 2009

IT'S TIME to announce the winner... :o)

It was really hard trying to decide who to choose for the name of my new piece! I tried out all the names (several times!) to make sure I didn't miss any and could pronounce them properly.
I don't want to keep you guys waiting any longer so here it is:

THE Winner of the Wee Crabbie for naming my piece is....

drum roll...

Theresa Whitmore from Sycamore Moon Studios!!!! Yay Theresa!!! ( )
She came up with the name "Snarbix" and I think it suits him perfectly. The name is a bit Seuss-like too.

Theresa, be sure to send me your mailing address so I can get Wee Crabbie out to you right away!

An Honorable Mention goes out to Pattee from Odd-Dolls ( ) for providing me with a first name for my Snarbix. Clarence. That just seemed to fit his personality. So it is Clarence the Snarbix. :o)

Pattee, send me your address because I have a little something for you too.

Thank you ALL for playing along! I really enjoyed your huge imaginations and funny posts!


Pattee said...

Thanks Denise!!!
I love the name your chose!
It does fit him nicely!

3rdEyeMuse said...

three cheers for BOTH winners!!