Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Play of Light and Shadow: Better Blogging: Marketing Tools for Artists and Crafters

I Heart this Post! 
I decided to use a picture of a shell heart my daughter made at the beach. It seemed very appropriate with the close of summer and giving credit to a post that I found really helpful!
Read On my Friends...


Sycamore Moon Studios said...

The heart in the sand about says it all. I had to pull up a blanket last night....goodbye summer!

libu said...

love your beach heart photo. thanks so much for introducing me to that blog!!

Aelwyn said...

Yay for spreading the word! I posted a link to that post as well! :) <3


MarZel said...

Thank you, my friend!!! You are good to me!

MarZel said...

OOh My!! It was an award??? I LOVE IT!!! Simple, to the point and very heart felt!!

I will wear it on my blog proudly.

Are there any rules about this particular award? Do I pass it on?

HUGS Denise!! THANK YOU... I will post about it tomorrow too!!