Saturday, November 28, 2009

Floods, Family & Thanksgiving

The November Nor'easter left my daughter and her young family flooded and without a home (for a bit until it is fixed) so they are living with me.  It is quite the close quarters but it is all good.  I am thankful I have a home I cans share and that they are safe.  We had a beautiful Thanksgiving with wonderful food created by my other daughter who is a brilliant cook (um... chef!) at 17.  I am certain as things settle in and we find our groove I will find my focus to create again.  Until then, I would like to say "Thank You!" to all of you beautiful spirits who follow my blog.  I really enjoy and look forward to all of the wonderful comments you leave me and I especially LOVE looking at the creative processes that each of you share on your own blogs!
Hugs to you All!


oldblackcatboo said...

That's such sad news to hear that your daughter was forced out of her home due to flooding. I'm sure it's nice to have her and her family home safe with you. The town I live in has the Mississippi river on one side and the Rock river on the other, so needless to say there's been a lot of flooding in the past around here. I'm very lucky because I live on top of the "hill" and it NEVER floods here. Someone was just saying the other day that if it flooded up here that would mean the END has come!
Glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving!

Zan Asha said...

Oh wow, I am so sorry to hear about the flooding but I am happy your daughter and her family are safe and you are spending some wonderful time with her. Sometimes we can all be thankful even when it doesn't seem like a thankful situation.

in the light of the moon said...

Thank you so much.I am happy to hear you daughter and family are safe and sound under your roof.And a wonderful meal cooked by your 17 year!!Have a wonderful day!!Cat

Lazy Bone said...

I'm glad your family is safe and that you had a nice Thanksgiving. I miss you and can't wait to hang out again.

Flor Larios Art said...

It is good everyone is safe.
Take car,

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Denise
Glad to hear everyone is safe with you.
We here in Mackay Qld Aus were flooded out in Feb 2008 lost most stuff, and out of my home 5 mnths, so I know what she and you are going thru. Hang in there and all will come right, something good always comes out of something bad. It did for us, and as no one was killed that was the main thing.
Will say a prayer for you all. I'm sure you'll be ok. All the best love