Monday, February 1, 2010

Most Snow in 20 years

Hard to believe I was even living here in Virginia Beach twenty years ago.  Well, almost twenty.  It's been 19 years and some months.  But hey, who's counting right?  This So Cal girl landed in good ol' VA and never left.  Now back to the snow conditions.  It was AWESOME!  Lots of that white stuff coming down so quiet and soft.  I loved it.  Gave me a good reason not to go into work on a Saturday - Hooray! I took some pictures but they are not great.  I think it's the camera (seriously! ha ha).  These pictures were taken about noon and we got much more after this.  Amazingly, Va Beach got the most snow of the 7 cities and usually that is not the case. :o)

Now for some of my moon pictures (Back Bay as usual)

How about a few more photos since I am on a roll...
Deer at Dusk - Back Bay

I can't resist - Sydd.  I wish you guys could experience the amazing personality of this little guy.  He is such a busy body, into everything, always smiling, happy to see people.  Here he is wiped out!  The really blue face photo was because I forgot to change the white balance (ugh).

And lastly... Kitty Love and Bear Love were just posted on Etsy.  It's been forever since I put anything in the shop and I figured I'd better get something in there before the cobwebs set in. :o)

How's that for making up for the lack of posting over the last couple of months? 


Sue said...

LOL, as one that is very used to the look and feel of snow - and still gets excited over the very first snowfall of the year, I can understand your enthusiasm! Love your pics - all of them. Also love your new pieces!


Zan Asha said...

Love everything! Snow, deer, country, babies and YOUR WORK! Love it!

oldblackcatboo said...

Oh! I love the deer/moon/baby/art photos!
We get deer walking around here all the time, in the middle of town! I guess they live in all the ravines.
I love the moon pics- awesome!
The baby is ADORABLE!
Your art is so cool, I always love your colors and your Textures, everything is so unique.
(did I forget the snow pics? NO.
brrrr...grrrr! I am getting so sick of it! It just snowed AGAIN here! maybe if I didn't have to go outside all the time but...grumble, grumble)
sigh..YES YES I did love it in DECEMBER!
Glad to see a post from you! missed ya!

ODD imagination said...

Hey Sue and Oldblackcatboo, I guess if we got snow more often around here I wouldn't be as admiring - right? :o) It's Wednesday and it's not gone yet!

Zan! How have you been? Did I see a doll of yours on the traveling doll site for the OWOH give away?