Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dragonfly Summer

I don't know about where you live but here in Virginia it has been one amazing Dragonfly Summer!  They are all over the place in a fantastic array of greens, blues, oranges, and browns.  I took some photos of them out in front of my house.  I just love these happy flying bugs.
The cone flowers and Black Eyed Susans are what they seem to be after.

Oh wait! That's not a dragonfly, it's Sydd. We just finished playing in the hose. ha ha


Sue said...

Love dragonflies and love blackeyed Susans.....bonus two in one pics! *grin*

We have dragonflies here too and had an overnight 5" one on our screen a few days ago. They fascinate me.



oldblackcatboo said...

Now that you mention it, I have NOT seen a dragonfly at all this summer! Hmmmm
Butterflies, bees but no dragonflies.
Love the flowers! I have blackeyed Susans and Coneflowers among an assortment of other flowers in the frontyard. I love the colors!!
And that little Sydd dragonfly is the cutest!

Sooz said...

I am in Maryland and we have our share of dragonflies. My kids and I love to watch them and find them a great sense of joy!

Pam Hill said...

Hey Denise!

I'm a violinist/teacher here in Charlottesville, VA and have been enjoying this cute little dragonfly for most of July. When we moved in here, a tree had fallen and been replaced by a pond. My husband cleaned it up and put in beautiful plants and now it looks like a natural pond with 11 small koi fish and a frog.

I wanted to take pics of the dragonfly, but couldn't tear myself away long enough to get a camera. Thanks for taking such good ones!

Your baby Sidd is adorable. He looks like a happy, healthy guy! Enjoy!

I saw your blog on Bill Jurney's site. He's such a great guy! Those demos are Such Fun! Nice to meet you!

Pam Hill