Sunday, October 3, 2010

I didn't make it... :o(

I tried though.  Gave it my all even but two and a half paintings is all I could get done - three and a half really but one (which I haven't posted) was a 6 x 6 so I'm not sure it counts. As it stands I have three painted backgrounds waiting, and plenty more empty canvases.  It is time now to switch to jewelry.  Wish me luck - I'm so going to need it!
Here's a little Mushroom named Montake' that I just painted within the last couple of weeks for your viewing pleasure and her story to understand her picture better. 8x10

Montake loved the way the light filtered through the trees down to the floor of the forest. It sparkled and dazzled like diamonds as it descended just a few feet away from her dark, damp home in the crook of an old tree. How Montake longed to step into that light. After watching butterflies and birds flit in and out of the light for hours, Montake finally gathered up all her courage and crept out from her hiding place. She moved ever so carefully to where the light was playing, all the while holding her breath. Suddenly and without thinking, she lept forward into the streaming light. She laughed and danced as the light touched her skin and tickled her nose. What a glorious feeling of freedom! It's funny to think that most of us spend out time being afraid of the dark but little Montake was afraid of the light - no longer!


Zan Asha said...

I dunno, Denise, I wouldn't feel bad at all for "not making it"! That's got to be the fastest time I've ever seen for making really wonderful art! I've NEVER been that fast, not by a long shot; I would really be proud of myself, if I were you--you did a GREAT job!

oldblackcatboo said...

I say, you can't rush perfection!
I also say, Hey That's 3 1/2!
Sometimes it's the smallest paintings that take the most time and work!
Great job!
I love the little mushroom and her story :)