Sunday, November 27, 2011

Patterns, Barnacles, Driftwood, Colors, Topography, and Reflections

The beach offered so many textures and visuals this last visit that I took over 150 photos. Wow! Thank goodness for digital as I can only imagine what that would have cost in film.
Please let me share with you some of the really great things I saw on my walk. This will be a photo heavy post (my favorite kind).


I see flowers, landscapes and knitting


Encrusted Barnacle city on the bottom of a bucket


It seems since I first found the tower made of driftwood that others have decided to have their hand at it too. I think there is a little Andy Goldsworthy in all of us.

Below is the original structure that started it all but with more wood added and a root ball ornament almost near the top


I loved the layered colors in the sand dune. One picture looks like it is flowing like lava. 


 The tide had rolled in so far it left the beach completely flat and smooth. A perfect canvas. And as if I was flying high above the Earth, the topography left by the waves being locked in the sand was beautiful.


On my walk back through the dunes and towards the Back Bay waters, I saw Snow Geese headed south. White feathered geese with black feet, their beauty not captured by the camera. And the reflecting waters that  never fails to make me stop and look. 

The End


Athena said...

I love your pictures. I see schools of fish in the first photos. And the driftwood towers are great! We saw hundreds of migrating black ducks one day at the lake recently, during our walk, but I didn't have my camera. :(

ODD imagination said...

If I didn't plan my trips to the beach, I probably wouldn't have my camera either. I really should branch out and photograph some other places too but the beach always calls to me the loudest. :o)

La Carter said...

These pictures are really awesome.

ODD imagination said...

Lisa! That comment coming from you means a lot knowing what I know about you and photography. Thanks!

oldblackcatboo said...

why are you not selling them as prints?????????
I LOVE the textures.
prints! prints! prints!
(I'm stomping my feet, can you hear them?)
- Cindi

ODD imagination said...

Oh Cindi! Your post made me laugh!!! Thank You!!!
I never thought of my photography as print worthy but now you have me "thinking". Can you smell the smoke? lol
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the very uplifting post!

ArtPropelled said...

I can see why the beach calls you. These photos are beautiful!!