Friday, May 8, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award :o)

Wow - This is my FIRST award (and I am behind on posting it). This came to me from such an inspiring and creative lady! Meet Deb from Katura Greetings: Be sure to take a good look at her work because it is beautiful. Colors, detail, imagery and a bit of the spiritual all combine into amazing works of Art. Thank you Deb so much for giving me this award. Here's a big {{{HUG}}} of Gratitude!
And as is the tradition of this most auspicious award I will list six things I am truly grateful for.
1. My Family - they are the true expression of unconditional love and I am living proof of that as daughter, sister, aunt, mother & grandmother. They love me no matter what.
2. My Life and Health. I have been blessed with a full life and the good health to enjoy it and for that I really am grateful.
3. The night sky. It is the one constant in my life that let's me know everything else in the universe is going to be alright. A calm washes over me when I am looking at it.
4. My creativity. This is my balance. Without it my world turns upside down until I figure out that I need to create and put everything in balance again.
5. Showers. Yep, I really am grateful for this invention. Total Genius. It wakes me up in the morning and de-stresses me during tax season. It cools me off in summer and warms me up in the winter. Man I love showers!
6. My blogger friends! I know, I know..., this response may seem trite but seriously, I truly am grateful for all of you! For the first time I have found an amazing, creative, thought provoking and loving group of people that I can connect with on so many different levels. You share your knowledge and your hearts. Thank you all!
Now I would like to bestow this award to the following bloggers. My hope is that you find their blogs as fun and interesting as I do and in that spirit I hope that you make a new friend too:
Kaycee - Kaycees Writing Journal - for exceptional writing abilities and being true to herself. Watch her folks because she is soon to be the next New York Times best selling author!
Lisa - Confessions of a Text Addict - for outstanding creative writing with thought provoking inserts along with a dose of opinionated fun! Wait until you read about the sticks of butter...
Patty - A Diary Left Open - She is sheer poetry on the page with words that pull you through her story like a boat gliding through water. Beautiful Blogs from a beautiful mind.
Elizabeth - Lazy Bone Creations - Elizabeth makes cards but they are not just ANY cards they are Gorgeous with much thought going into each one. She is also very sweet and conscientious. Elizabeth will cusomize a card just for your special occassion if you ask :o).
Martha - MarthaLand - This blog will make you smile - I guarantee it! How could you not when you see those adorable slugs with the big eyes smiling back at you? I had to have one!
David - The Fine Art Photography of David Cochran - Beauty has met thine eyes (and soul)! What David does with a lens is nothing short of breathtaking.
Block Party Press - Simple (and yet Not simple) design and fun all wrapped up in a little package called wearable art. She has an amazing eye for detail which you will notice in her nature photos too. I just love her blog and her art and her eye for detail!


Patty Mooney said...

I'm verklempt! Sometimes you just don't realize what sort of effect you may have on others, and go on your merry way doing the things that make you happy and lo and behold, a little acknowledgement unexpectedly shines in like a big ray of sun. Wow, thanks!!!

Martha said...

Thank you soooooo much! My first award! It means a lot!

Elizabeth said...

Wow! My first award! This means so much! Thank you!