Thursday, May 7, 2009

Things I'm behind on

Should I really devulge this kind of information? Yes, I think I should since it helps me stay on track and keep it all in focus (or did I mean "Holy Cow I have ALL that to do!???).
1. Molly Macabre - I didn't even glance at her due to the Michael deMeng class. Yeah, that's right. It is definitely all his fault! (insert freakish laughter).
2. Daily lunch drawings. I started off with a BANG! Three whole lunch hours (maybe four) were spent drawing. After that I misplaced the drawing pad, or left it at home, or something... (my subconscious is playing tricks on me - ha ha ha).
3. Complete a masterpiece painting on that lovely easel I wrestled with a while back. I produced a background but now it acts as a backdrop for my photos until I figure out what to put on it.
4. Housework ('nuff said!).
5. Weeding - my mantra is "Crabgrass is my friend". It seems to be helping.
6. Finish UFO's and WIP's which are essentially the same thing but you have to admit the acronym UFO is just too fun to pass up! I learned about UFO's from Sprite ( UFO = UnFinished Object.
7. Did I mention Housework? (grin).
8. Get new stuff on Etsy - which can't happen until I do all of the above. Oh MY!
You get the point though. *A'hem* I mean "I" get the point. Much to do, to prioritize and still leave room for dreaming.
Notice Housework and Weeding are close to the bottom of the list -pretty clever huh?
Just for fun I thought I would show you some of my "R" rated work - see? They are all naked!
LOOK - Molly Macabre is in the group. Do you recognize her? Ok, I'm being way silly now But that really is Molly.


Sonia ;) said...

Ok....deep breath here is a bottle of water...You will finish this race, competition and or fight. I am totally up with that list...same on my end...Too much to do with so little time... AHHHHH...

You will triumph...

Sonia ;)

Zan Asha said...

Cindy, you and I are in the same boat---it is ENDLESS!! So grab a margarita, sit in your favorite chair and revel in the HUMANESS of it all (which means: it can't be perfect all of the time!)

Once I figured this out--it was less stressful! And I learned to love my UFOs (yes, that is too cute a name!)

Say a "Hail Mary" and add a "Bless this Mess" and call it a day, yes indeed! :D

Anonymous said...

I love the term UFO's as I few of those and housework, like that's going to happen! :)

Sue said...

hahaha...loved your post and I SO could have writen it. "UFO"...I thought it stood for "unidentified freaky objects" *smiles*

We all need more hours in the day (or, in my case, I need to prioritize and organize).

Lisa said...

That's not "R", that's frickin "X", I feel so violated.

Deb said...

Great post there....UFO's? You mean my little friends that used to come and visit me when I was a kid? *just kidding* That's a great acronym. More hours in a day would put me over the top 'cuz I would just fill them with more stuff. HA! Love the nekkid doll babies. Take it slow.

3rdEyeMuse said...

love the humor in the way you put your list ... and just think ... could be WAY worse!

at least the list IS do-able!

Sprite said...

There just isn't enough time in a day is there. This is great! Not that you have so much you want/have to do but that I'm not the only one that has an ongoing list! I think i might run and hide in my dark cave shivering and frightened if I ever put it into list form though! :)

I've been forced to stay on top of my UFO's and actually finished a few somethings. So far that's helping a little, but... I keep starting new ones. Can't help it! :D

Take it easy you'll get through them eventually. Thanks for sharing! :)

BIG hugs,

Kaycee James said...

Happy Mother's Day! :-)

Pattee said...

I've tagged you Denise!!!
Go to my blog to see...