Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dragonfly Summer

Michael Franks has a song that I love called Dragonfly Summer and, right now, that is the time of year we are in. There were dragonflies of all different shapes, sizes, and colors as we made our way down the trails and out to the beach. It was hard to get a good photo of them but what a gorgeous day.
Click on pictures to enlarge.
A little blurry :o(

Sydd, the beach warrior

There is a dragonfly in this picture :o)

You can see a dragon fly on the tip of tall grass

Sydd never walks anywhere. It is always full steam ahead!

Pod from the Trumpet vine

The inside of a trumpet flower

Somebody didn't finish their lunch. Poor crawdad.

Look at how gorgeous the water is!

Watching baby clams dig back into the sand

Look at my clam Gram'ma!


Zan Asha said...

Wow, what PARADISE! Can I come live with you? Who is the pink-haired mermaid in the shot? Also, uhhh, by Granma, I'm sure that little sprite DID NOT MEAN YOU! :)

Blue Dragon Arts said...

love the pics and wish I was there playing with you all! Sydd has your dressing sense, 'Peanuts' and bold checks...remember your flowers and stripes? xo

ODD imagination said...

Zan - yes, you can! The colored haired mermaid would be my oldest daughter and Sydd's mom. The one in the gingham dress is my younger daugher who just graduated from HS this year. woot!

Deanna, you are a bad sister bringing up my divine fashion sense! LOL Wish you were closer so we could play more!

Patty Kay Mooney said...

Head-spinningly wonderful!!