Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Is there an app for that???

I would like to create an app that would reach out and slap the stupid email sender.
As you can tell, I have been the receiving a rash of stupid emails that leaves me wondering
"Is there an app for that"?

Example: You are requested by your boss to send an email, as a 'courtesy', providing details of an event that can already be accessed by All on a calendar. 
I receive a reply that says it would have been nice if I would have sent the email out sooner so people would have had time to schedule it and attend.

In a perfect world I would hit my reply button and send a 'slap' right back to the individual who sent it for being stupid. They have total access to the calendar 24/7 that lists all available events to attend.


Blue Dragon Arts said...

OMG! if you get this app PLEASE send me a copy, it is so needed!!!

Michele Lynch Art said...

A much needed app for sure!! I could even use it when I'm looking at the person, and they need a good slap! xo Michele

Zan Asha said...

I 100% agree!

ODD imagination said...

And so I see that this app could seriously go viral if it were available! Ha ha ha!