Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bat Boy Resurrected

I am finishing this painting tonight (really!) so I can have it ready to sell this weekend to support the Hampton, Va YMCA. I started him just about a year ago (I know!) and resurrecting and revising him has been so refreshing.

It is my homage to Edward Gorey and I hope that anyone who knows his work will recognize this piece as being remeniscent of, or akin to his art (like the bat wings, and black and white acrylic in place of pen and ink). I need to add more shading to his body as you can see it looks really flat. I like the background though because it looks like a piece of rusty metal. He needs a better name/title than Bat Boy though. My originality falls short here today. Any ideas?


Lotus said...

I love his expression! Is the background collage, or paint? The color scheme is perfect!

ODD imagination said...

Hi Lotus! Thanks for dropping by. ;o)
His background is all paint, just applied with differnt things to make it look more interesting. Do you know of Edward Gorey? I think his book of ABCs is the most well known of his work.

Zan Asha said...

Oooh, Batboy is super cute and very Gorey-esque! Good Stuffs! :)