Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Clown Fish Boy! Woot!

Check this guy out! Now THIS is the kind of art I adore when it flows out of me. It is deliciously weird, bold, cute, odd, you name it. This just makes me smile. I have an interesting way of disassociating myself from what I have created, almost like it isn't mine, but it is, I have the paint stains to prove it. ha ha ha
I hope you like this funky kind of work too!


Tina Gilmore said...

yes...very deliciously weird, i love it, gorgeous colours. xx

Amy O'H. said...

Very Cool! You are so creative!

ODD imagination said...

Tina - thank you! I am so glad you like weird too. I've been moving towards brighter colors it seems and reds are not usually my favorite. ;o)

Amy! Wow! How the heck are you???
Are you still hanging out with any art groups? I am in a wonderful group called TAG (Tidewater Artist Group) which was founded last year at the Hampton Art-n-Soul.
So very glad you stopped in!

Melisa said...

Major love with this one!

ODD imagination said...

Thanks Melisa! I love the odd, ha ha ha!

Janelle said...

You are incredibly talented! Just thought I'd stop by and check out your site--glad I did. Loving your art.