Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Uglies

Presenting... The Uglies!

At this point she seriously needs a plastic surgeon to fix that forehead! LOL

Did someone say I need some sleep? Just look at those dark circles around her eyes. ha ha ha
 I don't know about you, but every painting (or sculpture) I begin always goes through the phase of the "Uglies". I find this moment in the process fascinating because from this moment foward, anything can happen! Will it turn out like I have in my mind? Will it look good? Will I destroy it? Will I even finish it?
You see? There are so many possibilities and I only named a few. Exciting stuff don't you think?


Sue said...

I totally know what you mean! I have a mind-vision when I am sculpting a face and never do the features that I am sculpting match up with what I want. I then either smoosh the clay and start over, or sometimes I go with it and just put aside the vision I have LOL

oldblackcatboo said...

I always have a problem with "The Cutesie's" when I would rather have it be more "The Uglies"!
So I'm thinking that it's looking pretty good so far! LOL
:) - Cindi

Lucy Chen said...

Yes of course, mine too.

Zan Asha said...

I have a few that start like this but they always seem to politely morph into some version of what I'm painting, by the end...but I know what you mean!!

Athena said...

Exactly like me! But in most cases, my Uglies extend past finishing a piece. I usually have to put it aside for a few days before I begin to like it. We're all crazy. ;)

Tina Gilmore said...

Well i'm hopeless at faces, never seemed to get the hang of it, i was thinking of giving it up altogether!!! I so know what you mean about the uglies though! Nice post xx

ODD imagination said...

Ha ha ha - you guys make me laugh! At least I know I am not alone, well, except for YOU Cindi! LOL

Sue, isn't that the nicest thing about clay? Smoosh! And you can start fresh. I suppose I could paint gesso over the uglies but I rather like the whole process of getting through it and triumphing (most times any way).

Cindi - when you paint something creepy I will definitely want to see it!

Lucy, it is hard for me to believe that any of your work goes through an "ugly" stage. You do pretty brilliant stuff.

Zan - you know I adore your creations and the way you paint them. :-) I am not putting my barn owl away that I got from you. He's going to hang all year long where I can see him.

Hey Athena, I will do that too, and sometimes it is MONTHS before I ever touch it again. I guess it just takes some art that long to come into being. I love your new work you have been doing. ;-)

Hi Tina, I found a good way to do faces is to copy them. Trace them, or paint over a magazine face to get the feel. Although, your little birdies and houses that you paint are so adorable!

Leni said...

pretty uglies! :))

ODD imagination said...

Leni - THAT is funny!!!