Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Painting SALE to help my family!

 OWN this beautiful 18 x 24" original painting by yours truly with Pay What you Will pricing - meaning you choose the price! All the details are below so read on and thank you!

AVAILABLE - my original painting titled Thinking of Home for a Pay What You Will Price!

Why Pay What You Will?
First and foremost: My Son-in-law and my grandson were in a serious car accident just a week and a half ago. My grandson is OK but my son-in-law's brain injuries from the accident put him in ICU for several days at thousands of dollars each day. Although he is out of ICU now and is on the long road to healing, it has cracked my daughter's and their lives wide open and they as they are facing huge challenges both personally and financially because of it. My heart aches for them and since a mother's love won't pay the bills this was one way I thought I could help.

Second and just as meaningful: Everyone deserves to own original art that they love.

So to start off this new endeavor I will use one of my favorite original paintings about memories of home titled "Thinking of Home".

About the Painting:
Thinking of Home is an original painting I created to convey my personal feelings about home. It encompasses memories from my childhood home to the home I built for my own family. The bird represents my children beginning their own new lives and the flowers represent the love and beauty that lies within my fond memories of home. This painting measures 18 x 24" and is ready to hang on any beautiful wall in your home. If you follow me then you know my large paintings usually run between $250 - $450.

How it works:
This is not a first come first served process so what you want to do is
send me an email (oddimagination @ no spaces of course) that contains the following simple information:
1. Let me know you want the painting.
2. Tell me what you value about the painting and/or why you really would love to own it.
3. Tell me what you would like to pay for the painting and include your email (for invoicing purposes only).
4. Shipping will be added to the invoice.
5. The recipient will be chosen based on the above criteria. 

Thank you for the love and for helping me to raise money for my precious little family! 

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